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Bathrooms are no longer small, hidden-away hideouts that are largely ignored in terms of designing or updating. Today’s bathrooms are getaways of spa-like proportions with plenty of space, oversized tubs, plush towels and natural materials like granite that beg to be touched. When house hunting, bathrooms, and kitchens are often the main selling points in making a positive (or sometimes negative!) impression on a potential buyer.

Small Room, Big Impact

At L&M Marble & Granite, we help homeowners transform their bathrooms into an oasis of natural stone, custom tub surrounds and generous sinks. Whether you are looking to get your existing bathroom and start again or update it with just a new countertop. L&M has you covered. Part of what makes our loyal customers keep coming back is L&M’s reliability and quality products. Our ample stock and network of suppliers make it easy to find the type of stone you are looking for, whether it’s marble, granite or quartz, for vanities and counters.

Our competitive pricing makes L&M a top choice for homeowners and contractors. Our installation cost and time estimates are accurate, we value your time.

Are you looking for high quality, professionalism, and a huge selection of granite or quartz countertops?

You are in the right company! We serve all of Massachusetts. Contact us today to learn how to save money on your granite countertop fabrication and installation.